About Milkman’s Garage

All About Milkman's Garage

And why we do what we do.


"We are so energized about how each of you have used and embraced our planner products. Our loyal base of customers continues to grow and expand beyond our wildest imagination.

Thank you for your ongoing support and friendships gained along the way."

~ Chrissy Kihm
Owner & Designer of
Milkman's Garage

Our Philosophy


As a lover of all things planner-related, I developed a product to add function and personality to our planners.

I found a planner I loved, but realized I needed pocket space to hold important documents while running errands…

Then came the need for bookmarks to quickly find my place, and a way to carry all my favorite colored pens so I could keep up with my color-coding system while I was out and about.

Finally, …

I wanted a way to keep my planner closed. This is why I began making planner covers and why I am so passionate about them.

Life is hard enough…

Keeping up with your planner shouldn’t be. It should be a fun and creative way to keep your life organized and on track; as well as reflection of your personality.

Our covers are designed with all these things in mind. So, I invite you to take a look at the planner covers in our shop. They’re designed to be fun, to last, and most importantly, to make your planner work for you!

Joe Kihm,

CEO of Milkman’s Garage


As the CEO of Milkman’s Garage, I helped to establish our Planner Cover Shop in conjunction with my longtime eBay business.

In addition to being the CEO, I do all the “heavy lifting,” but the hardest job of all is keeping Chrissy in check. She wants to buy ALL the fabric if you know what I mean.

Together, we are a power team that makes Milkman’s Garage run like a well-oiled machine!

What You Can Expect When Shopping with Us

Quality products are important to us, and we would never dream of providing you with anything less.

Customer Service seems like a lost concept in most businesses today.  That’s not the case with Milkman’s Garage.  If you’re not happy, we’re not happy.

Communication is important.  Especially when you’re super excited about your order.  Keep an eye on your inbox for updated status emails of your order from beginning to end.

Where Did You Get the Name "Milkman's Garage" from, Anyway?

Believe it or not, it’s actually a really sweet story, and has everything to do with my Father-in-Law.  Everyone calls him Moose.

Moose is an avid milk bottle collector.  When my husband, Joe, first started his business many years ago while living at home with his parents, he was surrounded by his Dad’s milk bottle collection.  When it came time to decide on a business name, he looked around his parent’s garage, surrounded by all the milk bottles and that became his business name – Milkman’s Garage.

Moose has even written a book called Milk Bottle Collector’s Reference Directory for Dauphin County Encompassing Harrisburg, PA and Surrounding Municipalities!  Pretty cool, huh?